Was the Ukrainian Church abandoned in the XVIII century?

Was the Ukrainian Church abandoned in the XVIII century?

Traditionally, the presentation of the history of Orthodoxy in Ukraine after 1686 (after repositioning to the Moscow Patriarch) is colored in dark colors. The church lost its Ukrainian character, the church books were Russified, and local customs were replaced by Russian nests. Yes, indeed, the Kievan Metropolis, which in the XVII century. has undergone a serious retreat in confessional competition, has found its special way and became noticeable in the Orthodox oikumen, was immediately leveled and depressed? Were there any ways of supporting and preserving their own eclectic identity in the era of the building of the universal imperial unified church? Did religious practices in the Hetmanate and in Russian territories really be similar? What language did priests serve? For these and other questions, we will look for answers to lectures.


The author of the lecture is Doctor of Historical Sciences MAXIM YAREMENKO, Senior Researcher of the Museum and Professor of the Department of History of NaUKMA.

Beginning on Saturday, December 9, at 16:00.
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