Weekend excursion: Ukraine between East and West

Weekend excursion: Ukraine between East and West

Walking through the halls of the museum or scrolling through historical illustrations, or watching movies, we often encounter things that dissociate our ideas about historical processes and events. Why, for example, in the museum windows, devoted to the Cossack watches, along with the European armor and diplomas on gentry privileges so widely represented by Turkish sabers and Tatar cradles?

Or why the Cossack clerks spoke both in Latin and in the eastern languages, and Bunchuk was at the same time a symbol of the power of the Ukrainian hetmans and the Crimean khans?

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We invite you to search for answers to some of these issues by joining the tour of the NMIU exposition devoted to the 14th-17th centuries - a complex, but also bright, period of our history. Then the Ukrainian lands were on the Great Border - the boundaries where different landscapes, economic patterns and civilizations met. And this has become a key factor in the political processes, economy, culture and ethnogenesis of the Ukrainian people.

Excursion will be conducted by OLEKSIY SAVCHENKO, senior researcher of the department of late medieval, early modern and new history of Ukraine.

Beginning - on Sunday, December 17, at 14:00.
To participate you need to register by calling (044) 278-48-64
Cost - 20 UAH + entrance ticket to the museum (50 UAH - full, 30 UAH - for schoolchildren / students / pensioners).
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