Weekend excursion: Ancient Slavs. State of Rus

Weekend excursion: Ancient Slavs. State of Rus

What do modern historians know about the early history of the Slavs? In fact, quite a bit. Where did the early Slavs come from? How did this people, about which the ancient historians almost did not mention, managed to suddenly settle down in the vast expanses of Eastern Europe? How did the first state arise in these areas? The history of the Eastern Slavs is full of mysteries and mysteries, which we will definitely tell you. We also guarantee that the participants of the excursion will discover the unique artifacts of that era, which are now preserved in the main historical museum of the country, and will be able to see what kind of appearance the capital of Ancient Russia was.

A tour of the history of the Eastern Slavic tribes and the formation of the Old Russian state will be carried out by the archaeologist LЕSYA DIDUKH, Senior Researcher of the Department of Ancient History of Ukraine, NMU, specialist in the archeology of the ancient era.


The beginning - on Saturday, December 9, at 14:00.

To participate, you need to register with the form or by calling (044) 278 48 64.
Cost - 20 UAH + entrance ticket to the museum (50 UAH - full, 30 UAH - for schoolchildren / students / pensioners).

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