Ethno-party to St. Andrew's Day at the NMHU

Ethno-party to St. Andrew's Day at the NMHU

From ancient times, Ukrainians arranged evening dresses on the day of St. Andrew, rituals with kalita, were fortunate enough to find out their destiny. The holidays were accompanied by fun hymns, acquaintances and entertainments for the youth. This year, the National Museum of History of Ukraine calls for the revival of the ancient traditions of national celebrations. On December 13, on the day of St. Andrew, the Andreean Evening Party will be held in the format of the ethno-party, which combines elements of traditional Ukrainian culture with the latest trends. The program includes: rock bite, divination for girls and a guided tour of 16+ for boys, traditional contests, the performance of the Green Dance Theater, master classes for authentic dancing from the folklorist Valery Gladunets and the band Varyon, treating magic Carpathian tea MOL'FAR. Also, the concert will feature Mikhail Boyko, a soloist of the Ukrainian band Color of the Night.


Ethnic party will begin on December 13, on Wednesday, at 18:00 and will last until 22:00 at the National Museum of History of Ukraine, street. Vladimirskaya, 2.

Cost - 150 UAH. Tickets can be purchased at the museum ticket office (daily from 10 to 17:30) or online.
The number of seats is limited, so tickets must be redeemed in advance.
To purchase a ticket on the day of the event, you must necessarily book it by calling (044) 278 48 64.

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