Play Mafia in YuS restaurant
31.08.2016 - 31.08.2016

Play Mafia in YuS restaurant

Come play Mafia in the restaurant YuS during the whole month!

A fascinating card game for the whole company

Surely every second young man or woman playing the exciting card game Mafia. This is an excellent way to have fun, spend time with old friends or new acquaintances, as the game develops logic and teaches better to pay attention to emotions and facial expressions of the people and at the same time enough gambling, although it has nothing to do with interest rates or complex schemes Solitaire. Playing Mafia does not get bored!
And today it is not necessary to gather at someone's home or in nature - you can play in the Mafia and in the center of Kiev! Restaurant "YuS" bar welcomes everyone! Come to play, you can already starting August 31!
Where: Restaurant YuS, Saksaganskogo str., 129a

  • August 31, 19:00
  • September 2 at 19:00
  • 7 September, 19:00
  • September 9 at 19:00
  • 14 September, 19:00
  • September 16, 19:00
  • 21 September, 19:00
  • September 23, 19:00

Author: Борис Сидоренко
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