Illusion show | Millennium
21.07.2018 - 21.07.2018

Illusion show | Millennium

Do you believe in your eyes? Do not rush to answer this question until you visit a unique illusion show in Kiev. It's fifty minutes, for which you will be surprised many times and even shocked. How is this possible? This question is not rhetorical, since during the master class the illusionist will share his secrets and even teach them to repeat. The show will be interesting for kids from three years, since in the treasury of the magician there are many tricks that will be available to absolutely everyone. Funny and original magic will allow guests of any age to visit the world of wonder and magic, and this is what we currently lack. poster_162419_small.jpg
The cost of 150 hryvnia.
When: July 21 - 27, 19:00
Where: Chamber stage of the Millennium Theater, Grigorenko Avenue 26a (Poznyaki metro)

Author: Погрибная Инна
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