Concert of "THE VYO" band in Kyiv

Concert of "THE VYO" band in Kyiv

The charge of positive and nostalgia

Gorgeous Seven at Docker Pub

Mischievous and bright pioneers of Ukrainian reggae, hello from the 90's - the band "THE VYO" on the first day of summer will give a concert in Docker Pub. The program, which will become a sweet drop of nostalgia, will include both already loved songs, and a completely new creation that will show that "THE VYO" keep pace with the times and is ready to win a new army of fans. "The Magnificent Seven" will appear in front of the audience in full force, so get ready for this festival of music.


Price: from 125 to 150 UAH
Where: Docker Pub
When: June 1, 9 pm

Author: Погрибная Инна
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