Fashion Illustration Course
26.03.2017 - 26.03.2017

Fashion Illustration Course

Great charge of energy and experience

The educational course of Martha Yatsishin

Today Fashion Illustration is the leading trend in the world of fashion and advertising. The modern illustrator of this industry has such opportunities as:
  • Cooperation with designers and fashion brands;
  • Development of books, brandbooks, advertising campaigns;
  • The creation of images for prints on the clothing of well-known brands;
  • Event-illustration (popular now trend on world fashion weeks and other secular events);
  • Magazine illustration for glossy editions;
  • Maintaining your own fashion blog;
  • Creation of the author's brand.
The program is aimed at developing non-standard thinking, improving their technical skills and finding unique ideas for creating stories.


You will master the skills of depicting a human figure, get acquainted with the history of fashion illustrations, learn the rules of composing the composition, learn the basic techniques in modern book illustration, create fashionable images, find your own style, and develop your own sketch and artistically put it on the wardrobe. You will receive a great charge of energy and experience, which will help to draw inspiration from the surrounding world.

Marta Yatsishin - Fashion blogger, illustrator, active participant of fashion weeks, author of the brand "SKINNYSTICKS".

Where: "Illustrations School", st. Shota Rustaveli, 10 square meters. 1
When: from March 27 to April 16
For further information: 063 068-44-21

Author: Погрибная Инна
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