Mosaic workshop from Manufacture

Mosaic workshop from Manufacture

Prepared jointly with Trip ART School

Lecture by Kristina Kirilina

Art Gallery "Manufaktura" September 2 invites you to an exciting master class on mosaics, prepared in conjunction with the "Trip ART School" and artist Kristina Kirilina.
Mosaic (French mosaic, Italian mosaico from the Latin (opus) musivum - a work dedicated to the muses) is one of the oldest types of fine art, whose works imply the formation of an image by arranging, tying and fixing on the surface of colored stones, smalt, ceramic tiles and other materials.


Became a very popular and prestigious form of art even in ancient Byzantium, mosaic technique allows you to create amazing man-made paintings and panels that you can admire endlessly.
Only in our master class you will have a unique opportunity to plunge into the colorful world of this ancient craft! Having listened to Christina Kirilina's cognitive lecture, you will learn not only all the features and secrets of the masters who were used in the Byzantine era, but also get involved in the mystery of creating an image, by arranging colored stones, ceramics and smalt. And taking with you your favorite, but broken cups, plates and preserved seashells, you will give them a new life, and your interior a fresh and original sound.
Do not miss the opportunity to create your exclusive and colorful masterpiece that will remind you of summer, and delight the eyes with gloomy autumn days! Limited number of seats. Hurry up to make an appointment!

Phone: (044) 200-97-47
Where: Obukhovskoye shosse, 2
When: September 2

Author: Погрибная Инна
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