Mystical stories from the Plague Doctor
21.10.2017 - 21.10.2017

Mystical stories from the Plague Doctor

The Museum of Toilet History invites you to a costume excursion Mystical stories from the Plague Doctor from the Middle Ages. A mysterious and mysterious medieval character who has gone through space and time, today will reveal to you an interesting story with legends, myths and savory details about the lives of people in different periods of civilization. He and the first public toilets of the inhabitants of ancient Rome will not break, they will tell why the medieval toilets were called wardrobes, or why in the Renaissance, the usual potter trips turned into real throne meetings.

Not only do you learn about the development of the toilet culture from ancient times to the present, but you will have an interesting time in the Museum of the History of the Toilet.


The plague doctor is waiting for you on 21.10.17 and 22.10 17 at 16.00 in the premises of the historic Towers No. 5 (Museum of the History of the Toilet on 22 Rybalska St., Klovska St.)

Required entry by phone. 499-31-61
Ticket price -50 UAH / person
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