Nazgul Shukaeva and her unique voice

Nazgul Shukaeva and her unique voice

Combines ancient techniques with modern motifs

Jazz, blues and ballads

Nazgul Shukaeva is a singer who has a unique voice range and does not accept any framework either in creativity or in geography. It does not limit itself to one country, one genre, one culture. Nazgul combines the unique ancient techniques of throat singing "kai" with modern motifs, creating something previously inaudible and invisible. In addition, she can shock the audience with the incredible performance of jazz, ballad, blues ... You can talk about it for an indefinitely long time, but it's better to hear it!


The cost of tickets: from 200 to 1000 hryvnia
Where: National Music Academy of Ukraine named after. P. I. Tchaikovsky
When: March 19, 19:00

Author: Погрибная Инна
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