The educational program for artists "attention space"

The educational program for artists "attention space"

Starting dates - 13 March.
Galleries Vozdvizhenka Arts House jointly with "Method fund" will initiate a pilot educational project "Space attention" for artists and graduates of art schools.
"Space attention" offers participants the opportunity to learn new skills and work experience, as well as a deeper understanding of the context that determines the functioning of cultural institutions.
A feature of the educational program "Space attention" 2016 will be the place fixed - training will be held in the exhibition hall formed among artists and curators statements, therefore to the attention of the audience.
Curator: Ekaterina Badyanova and Lada Nakonechna.
To participate in the project is required before March 8, 2016 to and including complete an application form and submit an essay on the topic "Who is the artist" on the box
The space to the theme of attention in 2016.
Starting dates - 13 March.
Course Hosts reserve the right to carry out the selection of participants. Authors applications may be invited for an interview. To participate will be invited to the 12 participants

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