From the city of Kyi to the city of Vladimir

From the city of Kyi to the city of Vladimir

June 16 at 17:00 the National Museum of Ukrainian History invites you to walk the historic heart of the capital. The museum invites the citizens of Kiev and the city to go together for a cognitive walk to the historic heart of the capital, where the multi-millionth metropolis has emerged and from where on the two banks of the Dnieper rose. Participants of the walk will be able to recall already known for themselves and learn a lot of interesting things about Kyiv, which it was at the beginning of its existence. Let's start the journey fr om Starokyivska Hill, which now houses our museum, and once the hail of the legendary prince Kyi has risen. We come to the pagan temple, wh ere our ancestors sacrificed their gods. Passing through the walls, get to the city of Volodymyr, we will visit the foundations of the first stone church of Russia - the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, and the church of St. Basil - the first temple built by Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich. Let's look at the remnants of the Western and Southern palaces of the Kievan princes. Visit the place of the tombs of the princes of Mstislavich and we will look into the city of Yaroslav.


Address of the National Museum of History of Ukraine: Kyiv, st. Vladimirskaya, 2.

The beginning of a tour of the city From the city of Kyi to the city of Vladimir - at 17:00, on Saturday, June 16. Duration - about 1.5 hours.

The cost of participation - 75 UAH.

Tickets can be purchased at the cash desk of the museum (daily from 10:00 to 17:00) or ONLINE. The number of seats is limited, so tickets must be redeemed in advance. To purchase a ticket on the day of the event, you must necessarily book it by calling (044) 278 48 64.

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