Film «Fight Club» in the cinema «Kinopanorama»

Film «Fight Club» in the cinema «Kinopanorama»

Watch classic movies in Kinopanorama

Watch classic movies in Kinopanorama

On June 11 at 16-00 in the cinema within cinema club in Kinopanorama Blow Up pm the film "Fight Club" (USA, Germany, 1999).
Director: David Fincher
Starring: Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, George Maguire, Meath Loaf, Mark Veit ...
Jack is a simple guy from a middle class. Something is wrong with his life. He has no friends and relatives, girls do not like him. With sorrow he begins to attend a course of psychotherapy for terminally ill people and there seems to be starting to feel better.
But the main changes in the life of Jack come after a random guy Tyler teach him philosophy that if you are not satisfied with the surrounding society, then protest against this society by any available means.
But to live outside the laws of society - that's not all, you need something that stirs the blood and brings the thrill to life. Something like fight! So Jack and Tyler organize a fight club in a basement. But at some point it starts to move in a new quality ...

When: June 11, 16:00
Where: Kinopanorama
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