Portal of the old Kiev | Quest

Portal of the old Kiev | Quest

Each of you at least once in my life probably heard the story of the portals - passages through which you can get at another time. We want to tell you and with your help one more such story in which Kiev, centuries ago, will be united by invisible threads with our today's days.

You must become traveler in time without any kind of fantastic gadgets. And your task is not just to find the places of the portals, but also to "close" them to others, so that nobody could change the past, so that the present and the future will be preserved ...

NeverLand introduces: literary-adventure quest "Portals of the old Kiev".
The quest takes place in a pedestrianized format in the center of Kiev.
Participation is a team, the number of people in a team is from 3 to 5. The maximum simultaneous number of teams is 7.
Age of participants - from 16 years.

To participate you need to register, one or with a team. We will unite the "Odin" team before the start of the quest (if at least 3 people are recruited).
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You need to be comfortable moving around the city shoes (try to avoid high heels or large platforms), Telegram application at least one of the team members on a smartphone, a spare smartphone, pen and notepad.

Date: March 8, 2019
Start: at 11:00.
Starting point: will be notified to the teams personally. The quest takes place in the city center.
Contribution for participation: 150 UAH per person (paid in the city).
Estimated quest duration: 3 hours.

It is important: you do not necessarily have to be born and live your life in Kiev and know it perfectly to pass this quest. The tasks are designed in such a way that they can be solved with the help of logic and a little bit of the Internet.

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