Farewell concert of SWANS

Farewell concert of SWANS

Their latest album The Glowing Man

SWANS say goodbye to Kiev fans in Sentrum

One of the most popular alternative groups of the world since 1982 has repeatedly pressed on the "pause", then disintegrating, then trying to go on a different voyage. In 2010, fans of the band celebrated the return of idols to the big stage, but only in 2017 SWANS still decided to press the "stop". The team that broke musical templates, played experimental rock, noise rock and post-punk, this spring gives farewell concerts, not forgetting to say goodbye and with the Kiev fans in the club Sentrum. At the concert, the band will present the album of 2016, The Glowing Man, which completed the trilogy that was started earlier.


Price: from 600 to 1200 UAH
Where: Sentrum
When: March 19, 20:00

Author: Погрибная Инна
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