Massive Women's RUN LIKE A GIRL

Massive Women's RUN LIKE A GIRL

The organizer of the event NGO "Federation of Sport Lovers" invites to join the women's festive celebration of all wishing girls, their girlfriends, moms, grandparents and daughters to brightly and actively spend this day together. September 17 at the Contract Square will be the biggest women's start this year - the run of RUN LIKE A GIRL ("Running as a Girl"). RUN LIKE A GIRL is the first women's run, which takes place in Ukraine for the third time. For two consecutive years, the race took place in Odessa, and this year about 1000 beautiful women will gather in the heart of the capital to enjoy a festive sporty atmosphere and test their strength at various distances. The youngest participants fr om 2 to 15 years will cross 100 and 500 m, and older athletes will compete at distances of 3 and 6 km. Young mothers with children under 3 years of age can take part in the fun start of Fun Run - a 100m ride with strollers. Fine Arts at all distances are waiting for awards, as well as lottery gifts among the participants from the race partners. The routine will be held by the well-known fitness trainer of Ukraine Igor Obukhovsky. The girls will entertain the star conductors Vitali Litvinenko and Mr. Riki (Konstantin Mikhno).

We are working on RUN LIKE A GIRL, with the aim of creating not just a race, but a real women's race holiday. Agree, the modern pace of the metropolis practically does not leave a chance to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. That is why, in preparation for the race, we want to create opportunities and incentives for women to be healthier, more active and athletic. Join and try your forces together with us! - comments Natalia Galatsan, president of the public organization Federation of sports lovers.


This year in the feminine run RUN LIKE A GIRL we have a special goal-to buy syringe pumps in the Khmelnytsky Regional Clinical Hospital, wh ere doctors every day save the lives of the little Netless. Syringe spreading will help physicians save lives for one premature baby.

Timing run:
  • 07:30 - opening of the starting town:
  • 09:00 - introductory speech of the organizers;
  • 09:10 - warm-up for children;
  • 09:20 - start of children's race on 100 m (children up to 7 years old);
  • 09:30 - start of children's race at 500 m (children 8 - 15 years old);
  • 09:50 - general warm-up;
  • 10:00 - general start for 3 km, 6 km;
  • 11:00 - start of a fan race for 100 m (young women with carriages);
  • 11:25 - awarding winners and prize winners for 3 km and 6 km;
  • 11:40 - prize drawings;
  • 13:00 - closing of the starting town.
You can find detailed information about the run of RUN LIKE A GIRL and register on the site. Any girl can become a participant.

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