MAMAHOHOTALA Show. New season

MAMAHOHOTALA Show. New season

It's two hours of slaughter humor

Mamahohotala with channel of young and cheerful UFO TV

The first time a great part of the humorous show "MAMAHOZOTALA" can be anyone who loves and knows how to laugh heartily! Those for whom Paul Zibrov - is not a "Favourite" and "Lova-Lova," the one who comes up with the times and the time to enjoy the new trends. It's two hours of slaughter of humor and jokes, which you have not heard, and which will force to hold on to his stomach! Studio "Mamahohotala" channel young and cheerful UFO TV will charge the new season of the comic show in Ukraine, because the rush to stock up on tickets. Price - from 140 to 400 hryvnia.


When: Feb. 27, 17:00, 20:00

Author: Погрибная Инна
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