Poems Jazz on the roof in Kyiv

Poems Jazz on the roof in Kyiv

What connected the hearts of Lesya Ukrainka and Olga Kobilianskaya

Main topics - Love and Kyiv

When playing jazz - the time to smile, when jazz is played on the roof under the summer stars - the souls are healed! And when, under the jazz accompaniment, the incredible Kasha Saltsova reads poems, both beloved writers of Ukrainians, and her own, you can fly to the sky for a while! At the evening's creative evening, Jazz Poems on the roof can be imbued with the romance of the great Ukrainians: listen to Mikhail Kotsyubinsky's letters to his beloved woman, find out what connected Lesia Ukrainka's and Olga Kobilyanskaya's hearts, reveal the secrets of Vladimir Vinnichenko's diaries and much more! Love and Kyiv are the two main themes that will pass through the reflex all evening at sunset.


When: July 25, 20:00
Where: Roof
Price: 350 UAH

Author: Погрибная Инна
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