ТіК will present a positive to Kiev

ТіК will present a positive to Kiev

The most festive group

TIK`s big concert with the choir and orchestra

Ska-rock band TіK is the most festive festival in the country! She gives a positive, a pleasant aftertaste and a desire to dance and smile. A couple of years ago, even the producer did not even believe in them, and now they are assembling full halls and stadiums. The sweetest artist Victor Broniuk decided to go out in the country with the orchestra and the choir before the main music competition of Europe, allowing music lovers to warm up well. Good old "Deer" and "Men's Happiness" sound here, as well as many other hits, which are "lit" at weddings and big family celebrations.


Price: from 140 to 1500 UAH
When: March 21, 19:00
Where: NDI "Ukraine"

Author: Погрибная Инна
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