Manufactura ART School is announcing the selection for the educational course on Basics of Drawing. The teacher, an artist with many years of teaching experience, Victor Chumachenko will share his knowledge about the composition in drawing and introduce you to various graphic tools.

Conditionally the course (with a total duration of 6 months) can be divided into 5 blocks:

1. In this block you will get acquainted with the properties of graphic materials, the organization of the picture plane, graphic means, the laws of constructing the form, transferring the volume of objects. And also learn about the imaging of three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional plane. These skills will help you in the future when creating your own stories.

2. In the second block during practical exercises you will discover that the world of plants, insects, animals is multifaceted and interconnected by plastic forms and structure.

3. The third block is a fascinating journey into the world of anatomy, during which you will learn the proportions and construction of the human head. In the program: drawing the plaster head and the head of the model, as well as sketches with soft materials.

4. For those who want to learn how to draw a person's figure - the fourth block. We will study the proportions of a person, the construction of a three-dimensional figure, the ways of depicting the plastic and the movements of the model. Together we will plunge into the art of drawing nudity.

5. After completing the fifth block, you will gain the skills of creating illustrations and compositions fr om nature, from memory and through imagination. Involve yourself even deeper into art, making monotypes, painting with ink.

The course is built in such a way that each lesson is self-sufficient to study a particular topic. This will allow those who want to fill the gaps in knowledge by mastering a particular aspect of interest. However, for a more detailed understanding and mastering of the technical fundamentals of drawing, it is recommended to complete a full course of study.


On 30.09 (Saturday) at 14.30 Manufactura ART School will hold a master class on drawing and presentation of an educational project, wh ere you will be able to learn more about the program of classes (24 lessons in total) and sign up for further education.

Additional information and registration by phone. (044) 200 97 47 - daily from 11.00 to 21.00

Manufactura ART School is an educational platform in the field of fine arts. The courses are developed by professionals - recognized masters and experienced teachers. The aim of the project is to introduce the principles of representativeness, to teach how to apply them skillfully in your own practice. The consistently built program will acquaint you with the fundamental principles of the arts, having mastered which, you will be able to show your creative individuality. Classes are held in the space of the Art Gallery "Manufacture" among inspirational masterpieces of contemporary art.

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