Ukrainian-American journalist Dorj Batu will hold a master class at the Higher School of Media & Production

Ukrainian-American journalist Dorj Batu will hold a master class at the Higher School of Media & Production

A rare meeting will be an exclusive opportunity in Ukraine to personally communicate with a journalist who worked in the two UN General Assembly, NASA and together with CNN On June 3, at 11.00, the Graduate School of Media & Production will present a unique master class Hour before the air - the media education school of the famous Ukrainian-American journalist with 20 years of professional experience, Dorje Batu (Andrei Vasilyev). He will immerse the audience in the situation one hour before the live broadcast and teach them how to survive in it.

Andrei will divide his master class into two parts: information and technical. At the same time, the journalist will share his personal life story about the experience of working in the two General Assembly of the United Nations, NASA, as well as on the project iReport together with the CNN team.


Imagine the situation. You came to cover the event and you have exactly one hour before switching on. How to survive in the jungle of events and not perish in the depths of information? At our master class, along with those present, we will go through a course of survival, where we will learn to own the head, the language and the body and not die under the feet of colleagues, avoid the trap of non-professional commentators and not get into the toothy mouth of the editor. Believe me, it will be both informative and very practical, comments Andrey Vasilyev.

Graduate School of Media & Production adds that the information block of the master class will include a story about how to navigate in an hour and adequately tell the audience about it how to work with press releases and whether they should believe how to choose a guest for an interview and how to talk to him about how to bring a guest into direct inclusion, how to ask questions in such a way as to get accurate and concise answers, how to make a guest talk simply without using professional jargon, avoiding complex constructions and not moving away from the topic, how to learn to be skeptical com, do not trust anyone and check the information on how to correctly submit unverified information on the air without substituting yourself and violating journalistic ethics.

During the technical unit, those present will learn how to make a quality television picture alone, without an operator, a video engineer and a producer, how to independently turn the site for direct inclusion in ten minutes, how to take a quality interview during approaches to the press, how to remove and send to the editor b-roll (video series), which can not be mounted, as at any time be ready for filming and direct inclusions.

The master class will begin at 11.00 and finish at 17:00. More details on the terms of participation are already available on the website of the Higher School of Media & Production.

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