In Kiev will be a secret training base of special agents of FBI

In Kiev will be a secret training base of special agents of FBI

The organizers of the acclaimed game "The Shawshank Redemption", "Moulin Rouge" - the company Mystery Play and creative team of "Art Factory Platform" are preparing to launch a new game immersion. 
On June 3, in Kiev, starts a secret base of special agents training. Now all fans of the movie "X-Files" will be trained in the field of: special forces agent, researcher, detective or technician. All of these skills are necessary for the disclosure of confidential matters. Players will find traces of the alien and unleash a conspiracy. Games will be held at unknown locations of "Art Factory platform".
What is in the new game "X-Files":
- Secret base of special agents training. (Location of 4000 square meters is styled according to the FBI database)
- Dozens of actors will teach special skills and will immerse the participants in the film's atmosphere
- 2 storylines in the 6quest  rooms
- 4 specialties. As each has its own training and its role in the passage of the quest
- Outfit. Each participant is given a special suit, depending on the chosen specialty
- The duration of the game is 2-2.5 hours. Plus, watching a movie after the game on the green lawn with a volleyball field, a seating area and a delicious meal bags.
The key difference of the game with the immersion of the quest rooms is that at one hundred of exhibitors take part and dozens of actors, but the action itself takes place in the vast territory of the thousands of square meters, which placed a ton of decorations that are fully convey the atmosphere of the film. At the end of the game all participants can stay at the after party for the movie and sharing experiences among new friends.
"X-Files" games begin on June 3. It will be held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, 18:30. The assembly of participants is on Str. Magnitogorsk 1a. Attire: casual comfortable
Tickets can be purchased at:,,
Tel .: +38 (067) 500-18-13
Facebook: / mysteryplayua

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