A big cat-fair in Kyiv

A big cat-fair in Kyiv

Do you want to have a cat?

Kyiv is the city of cats

These cute fuzzies were previously recognized as part of the eco-system of the city: they live in attics and basements and save the Ukrainian capital from rats and mice. In addition, all homeless cats have the opportunity to acquire a loving family at various events, like the big cat-fair that will take place on the third of September in a vet clinic. Here, volunteers will look for a new home for kittens and adult cats. This is the fifth Grand Cat Fair, which connects the hearts of kind people and cute kittens. In order to take home a new friend, you need to pass an interview with the curator, have documents and a carry-over for safe transportation of the cat. In addition, in the new house of a furry friend on the windows, there must necessarily be grids in order to avoid accidents.


When: September 3
Where: Mukacheve, 9

Well, and about what else will the new autumn season begin in Kyiv, you can find out in the news on the CityCard website.

Author: Погрибная Инна
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