Vampire Ball Gala Vampiria

Vampire Ball Gala Vampiria

Autumn darkness hides everything unnecessary, leaving on the surface an incomprehensible beauty, from which breath can stop.
November 17, 2018
16: 00-23: 30
Kyiv, st. Silkworm, 17/2, Chocolate House
Organizer: event agency NeverLand

A blood cry will take you to an old luxury home where the same creatures of night as you will gather.
The kaleidoscope of artistic performances, sophisticated dances, colorful cocktails and mysterious stories gradually forms the name of GALA VAMPIRIA ...
What you have been waiting for so long - autumn ball of vampires in the heart of Kiev!

On November 17th, at the Chocolate House, we collect our guests who do not like sunlight.

Beginning of the ball at 16:00, ending at 23:30.
Guests will be provided with a dressing room from 14:00.


In the program:
- Ballroom dancing and free dance program from Vintage Dance Community;
- string quartet Fades Quatet;
- Duo for vocals and piano - Kora Rex & Maestro Pavlenko;
- no dance from Freak Circus Corporation;
- LED show from PyroCast;
- mini show from SCH theater;
- dance performances by Tash and LeMava;
- Tarologist;
- vampire rituals;
- gothic DJ's party to complete;
- role-playing game for those who wish.

Ticket price:
- UAH 300 from 1 to 16 November.
Warning! The number of tickets is limited, sale on the day of the ball is possible only with the availability of seats.

For tickets, participation in the program, advice on dress code, and other questions, please contact the private.

Ticket refunds only occur if cancellation is canceled.

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