Valeriy Jidkov`s humorous evening

Valeriy Jidkov`s humorous evening

You can always find humor and irony everytime and everywhere

Valeriy Zhidkov talks About all

The success of 95 Quarter - it is a merit of sparkling Valeriy Zhidkov, who was the author of the best jokes of the collective. He will present his new program for residents and guests of Kiev About all that prove to everyone that in all and you can always find humor and irony. The program is so named not by chance, as the joke Zhidkov is absolutely everything, from sports and to a large and loving. Be prepared to laugh like never did.


When: December 21, 21:00
Where: International Center of Culture and Arts (Jhovtneviy)
Price: from 150 to 1150 hryvnia.

Author: Погрибная Инна
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