Race in vyshyvankas in honor of Independence Day of Ukraine

Race in vyshyvankas in honor of Independence Day of Ukraine

The most patriotic event of the year

The most patriotic event of the year

On August 24, the Independence Day of Ukraine the brightest patriotic event of this year - Race in vyshyvankas will be held! Children under 6 years will run 100 m, children from 7 to 10 years - 500 m, adults - 5, 10 km. All interested persons will also be able to take part in the charity race for 1 km.
For the fourth year in a row all runners and guests will overcome the chosen distance in traditional Ukrainian embroideries. Moreover, on this day not only Kiev, but also other Ukrainian cities - Lviv, Odessa, Kharkov, Rivne, Mykolayiv and Dnipro - will traditionally run. As in the past year, numerous Ukrainian diasporas from all over the world - New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Toronto, Munich and Australia - will also join this running action.
The organizer of the project is the NGO "Federation of Sports Lovers", as well as the ideological inspirer and master of sports in athletics of international class Alexander Kuzin.
In preparation for the start of the "Race in Embroideries" from July 9 to August 20, a series of cross-country training is planned under the leadership of Kuzin himself. Anyone can join. Register for the race, and also read more information and a schedule of trainings here: http://vyshyvanka-kyiv.timingevents.com/

When: August 24, start at 9:00 near the monument to N.V. Gogol
Where: Rusanovskaya Naberezhnaya

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