June 11-12, you will find a sea of positive, violent emotions, great music, a wide variety of delicacies and a good mood. I-st Music Festival will be held on the territory of the Art Factory "platforms" will be a lot of favorite artists and great presenters.
I-st Music Festival «ATLAS WEEKEND» will take place on 11 and 12 July 2015 in Kyiv on the territory of the Art-factory "platform." Within two days of the main cultural venues of the capital will work just two scenes, which will make the brightest representatives of Ukrainian music! Unforgettable program will do the best leading countries: Jaroslav Lodygin and Daniel Khomutovskiy, loved and leading creators of radio "Aristocrats."
Traditionally, the art factory "platform" will be divided into zones, one of them you will have to wait active entertainment, such as tennis, skimbording, interesting games, also a traditional area with hammocks and a food court. Gastronomic program will not be worse than the food at the festival!
More details about the scene: the festival will run two scenes: «Main Stage» and «Rock The Nation Stage». Conventionally, it is the main scene of the festival and the small stage, with performances by young bands, original sound-proven, successful concerts and loyal fans. The organizers, concert agency PMK Event Agency and NOTA Production Center, believe that at this stage stands the future of Ukrainian show business.
TICKETS: the starting price of the entrance ticket for 1 day of the festival - 200 UAH; ticket once for 2 days - 350 UAH. Closer to the date of the tickets will go up, so buy your tickets in advance!
ADDRESS: Darynok Street. White Sea, 1
JULY 11:
Main Stage: boombox, Pianoboy, O.Torvald, Assai, Jamal Kryhitka, one in Canoe, Carman.
Rock The Nation Stage: Fontaliza, Sinoptik, Party Cry, Us, etc ..
July 12:
Main Stage: The Hardkiss, Beissoul & Einius, Onuka, The Maneken, SunSay, Machete | Tokyo, María Tchaikovsky, Bahroma.
Rock The Nation Stage: Mir, Robots Do not Cry, Tape Flakes, Dvoe, Epolets, Hapochka 5 Vymir.

Author: Татьяна Мартынова

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