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    Day of victory in the Kiev Rus

    Day of victory in the Kiev Rus


    9 Мая 2015


    044 461 99 37

    Visiting the park Victory Day, you can personally verify that there is the same "generations"? Is Old Slavonic heroes of our ancestors, or is another myth invented by historians? You'll find the answers to these and many other issues. In honor of the holiday, you will see a parade of princely flags, and learn the secrets of victories Kievan princes. You know the peculiarities of weapons, soldiers (hrydney) tactics and strategies warrior, note the workshop stunts on horseback. After all, once they were essential elements of martial arts.

    In ancient Kiev waiting for you workshops on the possession of various weapons and mini-tournaments of skill mastery of it. In combat entertainment with friends you can take part in entertainment in numerous workshops and locations. Here you will find collective sports flash mobs, various workshops - pottery and blacksmith crafts, coinage, archery, throwing knives and axes and others. And horseback riding and travel in carriages.

    Visiting the park, you will be reincarnated as a historical personality, you need only select attire ancient princes or princesses, boyars or nobleman, wear armor warriors. In bright costumes you make great pictures or self against the backdrop of unique buildings of ancient Kyiv. Come, choose something to do and feel full in the era of the Old Kyiv "Kyiv Rus Park"!

    The program of the holiday:
    10:00. Morning show.

    The park opens to visitors
    Work location:

    horseback riding
    meadowy gallery
    Medieval cuisine
    dressing up in medieval outfits
    Ceremonial meeting guests at the gates of ancient Kyiv with bread and salt
    Full event: 13:30 - 19:00

    The opening ceremony celebration

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