Die Antwoord in Stereo Plaza

Die Antwoord in Stereo Plaza

Music freaks Die Antwoord this summer will come with a long-awaited visit to the Ukrainian capital! Their main goal is to shock and shock the public, root out of the comfort zone and transfer to other worlds. Their music is a manifesto to human fears, misdeeds and weaknesses. 7dd1cd510f.jpg
Earlier, Die Antwoord, despite the frenzied popularity, said that the next album will be the end of their work, so every fan is obliged to attend the concert. Residents and guests of Kiev - that is no exception. Therefore, hurry up to get a ticket for musical shock therapy, since you will not see anything like this in the near future and will not hear anything.
The cost of tickets - fr om 599 to 3000 hryvnia.
When: August 6, 20:00
Wh ere: Stereo Plaza, Lobanovsky Avenue, 119

Author: Погрибная Инна
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