Travel Wild. Open the world of wild travel together!

Travel Wild. Open the world of wild travel together!

26-27 March in «Izone»
26-27 March in «Izone» for the second time held an event dedicated to real travel - Wild Travel. Part 2! Many travelers living in our country, so expect new stories from 30 speakers on a travel, life in nature, wild journey, extreme-travel and pilgrimage. 
You are waiting for master classes on survival in the wild, shamanistic performances by musicians, travel to-store, real tea, travel to-market. We also invite you to join Bukkrossing: bring a book for the event, which had a powerful impact you, sign up and leave in the Travel-store to someone else can be inspired by it.
Is the journey - a powerful life science? Why travel so attractive? On the enthusiasm and delight, the fear of change, and the opening loss to tell those who had treated his soul on the road.
Two days will be devoted to a complete immersion into the world of real travel, when every day how happy just to live, new countries as an opportunity to get rid of its own borders, and the road as a way to present yourself.
Where: Space «Izone» (near Metro "Taras Shevchenko" at Naberezhnye Meadow Street, 8a).
When: March 26-27,
Price: - 60 UAH / day or 100 UAH / 2 days. For children under 12 - free admission (tickets can be purchased both at the entrance and at the now
More about the event can be found here:

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