Festival Ethnoworld

Festival Ethnoworld

This year, for the first time in Kiev will host an international festival of traditional culture "Ethnomir": the event is held on the occasion of Europe Day. The slogan of the project sounds like "to open another - know thyself." To take part in this event, especially in the Ukraine will arrive artisans and creators from various countries to introduce you to the folk traditions and culture.

More than two hundred guests from Greece, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Lithuania, France, Georgia, and other countries will tell you about the various crafts and technologies, as well as reveal the secrets of creating their handmade masterpieces. The event will be held exhibitions, fairs and a variety of workshops, you can taste the national dishes of different countries and enjoy a special musical program and even to visit "May night in the museum."

The purpose of the project "Ethnomir" is the broad knowledge of national cultures of other countries, the exchange of valuable knowledge, the integration of the Ukrainian culture in the world cultural space. Organizers report that it is now planning to hold such an event annually.

Venue: Art Arsenal Street. Lavra 12

Author: Елизавета Страздина
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