Ethnowinter Festival in Kiev

Ethnowinter Festival in Kiev

There are going to beat an interesting record

Ethnowinter and song record

This weekend in the capital will host a festival Ethnowinter, under which plan to beat the song record: the longest performance of Christmas carols and schedrivok. In the flashmob will take part in the church choir, and the stars and amateurs, both adults and children. The festival, which is slightly prolong festive mood of winter, will also be held a variety of workshops, book presentations, meetings with famous writers and other creative people. Log in many master classes free of charge.


The money collected at the festival, in particular, the fair will be donated to children's homes, which are located in the zone of military operations in the east of the country, or on the border with the "hot" areas.

Where: St. Michael's Cathedral
When: January 21

Author: Погрибная Инна
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