French-speaking Movie festival at Kinopanorama

French-speaking Movie festival at Kinopanorama

March 15-17 at the cinema "Kinopanorama" will be showing films about the La Francophonie values

What can unite the French-speaking countries, except for the French language? It is not necessary to wrestle. The answer is simple: originality and uniqueness of their cinematography. And what else can help to know more about these countries, but an interesting movie? After all, the movie is one of those unique arts, which allows travel through time and space.

March 15-17, 2015 at the cinema "Kinopanorama" will be held film festival, dedicated to the best feature-length film in French. The festival program includes:

- "Tango Libre" (2012., Belgium)

- "Quay d'Orsay" (2013. France)

- "From the kitchen to the Parliament" (2012., Switzerland)

- " La Chasse au Godard d'Abbittibbi" (2013., Canada)

All who purchase tickets to the festival, will receive sweets from "Nestle".



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