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  • Home » Kiev » Events » Festivals » GOGOLFEST 2016 will be held September 16-25
    GOGOLFEST 2016 will be held September 16-25

    GOGOLFEST 2016 will be held September 16-25


    GOGOLFEST 2016 will be held September 16-25

    9th International multidisciplinary festival of contemporary art GOGOLFEST held 16-25 September 2016.
    The theme of this festival - GOGOLFEST. BABYLON. The festival will be a large-scale art research that will consider the myth of Babylon with new, unexpected point of view. As every year, you will find the latest and most interesting art projects in the areas of theater, dance, academic and alternative music, performance, fashion, film, literature, visual arts, children's program.
    This year's festival was created in collaboration with creative cluster Art Factory platform. GOGOLFEST offers its visitors a new location, which will be a place of strength for Ukrainian and international contemporary art.
    Among the festival events this year: a new performance freak-cabaret "Dakh Daughters" circus opera Authorities Trinity "Babylon", the program Lithuanian-Ukrainian partnership involving Oskarasa Korshunovasa, Spanish-Ukrainian choreographic residence, the seat of the European theater directing.
    The festival was created in 2007, Vlad Troitsky, the founder of

    "Roof". The festival audience represents the most significant achievements of Ukrainian and foreign

    contemporary art. Over its history, the festival was attended by over 1,000 participants from 40 countries, including Spain, France, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, USA, Israel, Germany, Switzerland and others.

    We also inform that from August 2 to September 1, continuing accreditation of media. Accreditation is only a Google form 

    Author: Gogolfest

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