Festival of Culture of Podil 2017
26.05.2017 - 26.05.2017

Festival of Culture of Podil 2017

As part of the celebration of Kyiv

As part of the celebration of Kyiv

Since the founding of Kyiv it was Podil where the national neighborhoods situated: Arab, Greek, Armenian, Jewish, Roma, Polish, German, Arabic. This unique blend of cultures, customs and rituals division made the way he loved worldwide - noisy, multilingual, diverse and very hospitable.

Guests of this year's festival will be able to see performances of national music and dance groups Podolsk district, exhibitions and readings, hear the singing and dancing Armenians, Greeks, Germans, Jews, Crimean Tatars, Ukrainian and Roma.

Try our own forces during workshops on arts and crafts and learn embroidery with gold under the leadership of the Crimean Tatar masters. Those interested can visit the lessons of the Polish language, listen to poetry Romani poet and fairy tales of different nations that inhabited Division, participate in quizzes, enjoy traditional dishes at the Festival of cuisines hem, and, most importantly - in a friendly and informal way to communicate with representatives of different nations, whose history and culture are inextricably woven into the history and culture of Kyiv.


: The planned location of the festival - Marketplace (Square near the Sagaydachny monument).


: May 27-28

Organizers: Department of Culture in Kiev Podolsk district state administration, the agency «G.E.M.».



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