Mozart Music Festival

Mozart Music Festival

The prima of the Vienna Opera Mikaela Salinger and the laureate of international prizes, the prize-winner of the Arthur Rubinshtein competition - pianist Antony Baryshevsky will become the stars of this February and will remain in the memory of Ukrainian listeners for a long time. 115798_254.jpg
Mozart Music Festival, in which the soloists of the Virtuoza Orchestra of Orchestra, the nominees of the Classical Music Awards 2018 Taras Yaropud, Yuri Pogoretsky and Irina Starodub, are the meeting place for all fans of quality eternal music. Mozart is a composer who exists outside of time and fashion. At the festival, which will be held at the CEC Park, each listener will be able to find his own Mozart, to hear him in a new way.
The cost of tickets from 100 to 400 hryvnia.
When: February 24, 15:00
Where: CCC PARK, Parkovaya road, 16a

Author: Погрибная Инна
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