Ne dvizh Festival

Ne dvizh Festival

Such an original name received at least the original event, which will be held in the Ukrainian capital. Not moving is a festival where all musical canons will unite! This is a place with an amazing atmosphere, where you can dance until the morning and take bright photos in various photo zones. There will be so diverse music here that they will find the perfect hit for themselves, fr om the fans of Valera Meladze to the ardent admirers of Basta. In addition, the party will be bright decorations, light shock, PJs, DJs, a bath with money. We will not reveal all the intrigue - we must go and dance!
Cost - from 100 hryvnia
When: November 2, 23:00
Wh ere: Tao Event Hall, 2a Basseina Street, Arena-City Complex, 4 on top

Author: Погрибная Инна
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