Festival "Shveding"

Festival "Shveding"

27-28 November at the cinema "Kinopanorama" Kiev will host the first shveding. Ukraine shveding-movement began in 2009. In Kiev shveding held for the first time.
Shveding - is a game, which for one day is necessary to remove a self-made remake of the popular film. This requires: a team, any device capable of recording video, brains and imagination.
The game lasts a day, runs from Friday to Saturday. The team gets popular film randomly. Members of the team are building the scenery of cardboard boxes, sew costumes of colored paper, and use the toys and everything that comes to hand. During the night and the morning team shoot videos up to three minutes, the voice of his, singing the soundtrack of the film "a cappella", installs and brings the show into a movie theater (28 November at 20.00). After watching the team vote for the best "Swedes". The only rule: everything in the video is to be done by hand.
The site of the Kiev shveding: http://shveding.com
When: 27-28 November
Where: Cinema "Kinopanorama"

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