Festival Sky Family Weekend

Festival Sky Family Weekend

28-29 May in the Sky Family Park
In family entertainment park Sky Family Park 28 and 29 May will be the first of a series of festivals for the whole family "Sky Family Weekend".
At the opening of the festival will perform popular Ukrainian electronic rock band The Maneken with live program. On this day, the group's leader, composer and sound producer - Yevgeny Filatov, will celebrate his birthday on stage Sky Family Park.
In addition, the location is available: equipped beach, amusement park, children's area, trampoline park on the water, food area, the market Ukrainian producers.
The park is open from 11:00 to 22:00. Poolside Bar until the last customer.
Where: Prospect General Vatutin, 2T
When: 28-19 May
Price: 70 UAH

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