Festival of Ukrainian rap in the club Atlas

Festival of Ukrainian rap in the club Atlas

The legend says: the only musical direction that does not develop in Ukraine is rap. Is it really? Check can be at the big festival of Ukrainian rap, which will bring together the coolest rappers from different parts of our country. Cina Rytmu from Rivne, Oldschool Ninja from the Dnieper, Danny Delta from Lutsk, Chapter 94 from Lion, the Chernobyl and Chernivtsi Chernobyl and Tulim from the capital will read a qualitative rap in the Ukrainian language and will prove that in our country their musical direction not only exists but also rapidly develops. Do not believe me? Come and see for yourself!


The cost of tickets from 200 hryvnia.
When: November 9, start at 19:00
Where: Atlas, Sichovy Streltsov Street, 37/41

Author: Погрибная Инна
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