Festival of Wine and Food KYIV WINE 2018
02.06.2018 - 02.06.2018

Festival of Wine and Food KYIV WINE 2018

Why is KYIV WINE a mega-popular event, which must be visited by all those who have a stomach? Yes, because this is a completely fresh format of the Food market, where dozens of points with the most delicious and healthy food will function. This year, the festival of food and wine will be even bigger, more nutritious and more drunk. 203167-675x450-whitewine.jpg
Guests will receive bezlimas for tasting five hundred positions of sparkling, quiet, mineral and fortified wines fr om all over the world. Italian, French, Spanish, German, Austrian, African, American and Georgian wines will relax and reveal new facets of taste and pleasure. Also, at the festival KYIV WINE all gourmets can personally communicate with the best chefs of all times and peoples who know how to turn food into a work of art. Of course, at the event, which you will leave a completely new person, there will be a lot of entertainment, music, art and interesting things for kids.
The cost is from 750 UAH.
When: June 2-3, 12:00
Wh ere: Mezhigorskaya street, 82

Author: Погрибная Инна
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