Balloon Festival 2018
06.05.2018 - 06.05.2018

Balloon Festival 2018

This is the most beautiful festival of May, designed for one day. This is an opportunity to break away fr om reality and city bustle and admire the incredible colorful spectacle. In the morning you will leave the noisy capital and go to Pereyaslov, wh ere you will get acquainted with local museums and enjoy the very fest. images.jpg
Guests of the event will be able not only to admire the beautiful parade, but also to fly on a balloon independently or to write a cherished wish on a heavenly flashlight and send it closer to the stars. Whatever you choose, in any case, - an evening in the country with a glass of sparkling fresh air - is the best option for relaxation.
Ticket price: 720 - 790 UAH
When: 6, 9 May, 09:00
Where: metro station Kharkivska

Author: Погрибная Инна
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