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    Heroes are calling you in ancient Kiev for championship of historic battle.

    Heroes are calling you in ancient Kiev for championship of historic battle.

    On September 19-20, Ancient Kiev in "Kievan Rus" Park invites you to the grand sports and historical event - International Championship on the historical battle "Call of Heroes". About 10 participating countries, more than 400 fighters and 15 hours of spectacular battles.
    The championship participants from all over Ukraine, as well as from Denmark, Israel, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and other countries will demonstrate their strength and courage, chivalry and valor.
    Athletes, including representatives of national teams of historic battle of many countries, the winners and participants of international championships and the most famous fighters in the world will gather in ancient Kiev to compete.
    The championship program is extremely rich. It will start on Saturday, September 19 with a large-scale mass battle "wall to wall". And then during two days uncompromising fights in the categories "sword-sword" and "shield-sword" (also separate women's nomination) and entertaining group fights in the categories "5 to 5 fighters" and "16 to 16 fighters" will be held.
    The most furious battles will take place on Sunday, 20th September. After all, it would be fights of the strongest ones - semifinal and final battles. Degree of emotions will just roll over. In the end winners will receive awards from the Prince of Kiev in the final solemn ceremony.
    Historic battle is not only an exciting spectacle, but also a full contact sport, which involves athletes, equipped in armor, similar to medieval knight samples. Fighters are armed with swords and shields, falchions, spears and halberds, which faithfully reproduce ancient weapons. This sport revives ancient martial arts, their techniques and methods while giving a vivid spectacle to the audience.
    In program of the "Call of Heroes" championship are also: equestrian stunt shows, theatrical performances, craftsmen fair and presentation of a living museum of historic horses breeds. Come and support Ukraine!
    Ancient Kiev in "Kievan Rus" Park is located in Kopachev village, Obukhov district, Kiev region.
    You can get there by route buses from the Vidubichi metro station or by your own transport.
    The park is open from 10:00 am. The program starts at 13:00.
    Entrance ticket prices: 150 UAH; for seniors and students - 75 UAH; for school students - 50 UAH; for preschoolers entrance is free.
    Site of ancient Kiev: www.parkkyivrus.com

    Source: Парк "Киевская Русь"

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