The largest in Europe VIII International Yoga Festival VEDALIFE
25.07.2018 - 25.07.2018

The largest in Europe VIII International Yoga Festival VEDALIFE

Ukrainian stars and wise men of India, Italian culinary specialists and yogis from around the world at the International Festival VEDALIFE-2018, which will be held in Kiev from 25 to 29 July. Location: Muromets Park VEDALIFE is Europe's largest yoga festival, which has attracted tens of thousands of guests for seven consecutive years. This is the territory of a healthy life and the biggest concentration of smiles per one square meter. There is no place for alcohol, nicotine and drugs.

The motto of the festival: "Give higher than take". They give presents to each other and treat guests! Admission is free, and most of the events are free. Ancient knowledge is encountered with the style of life of the new century on yoga mats, in digital art, in comics and movies, on the music scene and carnivals in the center of the capital.
28.07 at 15:00 will be a solemn speech by the organizers of the VEDALIFE festival with the participation of the Ambassador of India in Ukraine Manoj Kumar Bharti.

Fr om 25 to 29 July, in parallel at each site will be held unique events, meetings with incredible guests of the festival from around the world.

5 days of free yoga for all: adults and children, beginners and practitioners, in the air and on earth.

- More than 30 teachers of yoga from different parts of the world (Brazil, India, USA, Italy, Ukraine)
- More than 20 types of yoga (hatha, ashtanga, universal, yoga 23, ishvara, fly yoga, acrooyoga, shakti, female, yoga, yoga for weight loss and others)
- Over 220 hours of yoga at different venues
- Yoga marathons and master classes on the banks of the Dnieper


Presentation of the project "Mahabharata", created by Ukrainian artists Igor Baranko (DC Comics, "The Simpsons", comic "Maxim Osa") and Alexei Chebykin (comics "Daogopak"). The Teacher "Mahabharata", under the dome of the planetarium, aroused great interest in the last comic horse in San Diego, wh ere the leading creators of comic books, series and films from around the world gather. So the creativity of Ukrainian artists saw in the company of Marvel and DC, Steven Spielberg, the stars of "Games of Thrones" and "Twin Peaks".

"Mahabharata" is the first "comic 360" in the world. A combination of graphic novel, virtual reality, spherical cinema and mobile technologies. This is an epic saga of love and death, heroes and ideals based on the Indian epic, which unfolds against the background of the legendary historical battle.
"Samskar" by Android Jones (USA). A journey from the beginning to the end of the universe in the format "Kino360". A film in full-house technology and fragments of an exhibition of the world-famous digital artist. This work won prizes of major world festivals and received warm responses from critics and art and film industry professionals in the US and Europe.
YOGA MARATHON with Rohini Shakti, the star of yoga from Brazil.
She taught at the Convention Garden in London, Paris, Palma de Mallorca in Spain, California and Oregon in the USA, India and throughout Brazil. Her face has appeared on the covers of Yoga Journal and other magazines about yoga and fashion many times. Among her students are famous politicians, US senators and Hollywood stars. Rohini travels the world with one task - to show that yoga can be as natural as the sun, air and water. And how this ancient practice best reveals the inner potential
Public Talk: famous people from an unexpected side. Interesting Ukrainian and foreign speakers, inspirational interviews with people who create social and volunteer projects.
Concerts and kirtans: drive and meditation on one stage: Shanti People, Panivalkova, Dilya, Nazgul Shukaeva, Go-A, Anatoly Gernadenko: Hang-melodist No. 1 in Ukraine, Jiv Jago: wandering performers of sacral music of India.
And also: Ukrainian and foreign experts in the spheres of healthy life, self-development, ecology, teachers of physical and mental practices.
MAHAMANDALA "Day of Peace"
Guests and participants of the festival together will create the Mandal of Peace.
Traditional Indian Holidays
All participants of VEDALIFE will become part of the bright and fascinating celebration of the most popular holidays in India: "Holi", "Diwali", "Sweet Mountain".

Fashion show from Ukrainian designers and Indian diaspora. The combination of Ukrainian and Indian trends in modern fashion.



- Meetings with spiritual teachers, yoga masters, travelers, writers, Ukrainian stars, experts in the fields of healthy life, self-development, ecology.
- Yoga for adults and children. Daily Yoga Marathons.
- Healthy food: lectures, master classes, vegetarian food court.
- A musical open-air scene. Concerts.
- Workshops and lectures: music, cooking, ayurveda, astrology, psychology, ecology, physical and mental practices, crafts, arts.
- Spherical planetarium: The universe through the eyes of ancient sages and digital geniuses. Movies in the "movie 360" (full) or 3D without glasses.
- Traditions of different cultures, ethno-fairs, exhibitions, children's playground, quests and entertainment for the whole family.

Among the participants of VEDALIFE-2018:

Swami Awadhut

International producer, film director, art critic, philosopher, organizer of the VEDALIFE festival. His example shows how you can combine spiritual and social life with creativity. "My mission is to see the genius in another person, and to reveal it," he says.

Anatoly Zenchenko
President of the International Yoga Association. Official representative of the International Yoga Federation "World Union of Yoga" in Ukraine. One of the most famous teachers of Yoga in the territory of the post-Soviet space and abroad. Author of Ishvara Yoga

The author of bestsellers for jyotish and the founder of the School of Vedic Astrology. She calculates the horoscopes of people and the karma of the world. She knows what will happen in the future and how to pass the lessons of fate. After receiving initiation into the secrets of jyotish and into the spiritual tradition of Vaisnavism, Indubala has been studying and teaching astrology for more than 25 years, and also regularly conducts unique trips and pilgrimages to India, including mystics and fortune tellers: Bhrigu-sastri, Agastya-sastri, sastri.
Bhakti Sudhir Goswami (United States)
One of the most brilliant philosophers of our time. His lectures are said: "... Joy, laughter, depth, lack of time and happiness." And he says about himself: "I've never been a religious person - rather, a philosophical rock-n-roller."

Bhakti Lalita (US-Thailand)
"To be feminine is not to be weak," says the wandering nun, who left her home and college in her youth to go to India. Bhakti Lalita also recorded a musical album "Songs of Devotion" and, in addition to lectures, will perform at the festival with the band Jiv Jago.
Madhusudan Maharaj (Great Britain-India)
He was born in an aristocratic British family, grew up in Africa, traveled half the world on a motorcycle, became a monk and spent 33 years in India. Madhusudan Maharaj made his first spiritual journey across Ukraine in 2014.
An example of how to combine a favorite business, ethical business and spiritual practice. Spouses creators of a successful vegetarian catering from Italy will share secrets - healthy cuisine and life.
Chaitanya Moy (Brazil-Italy)
He has been practicing for 15 years and teaches yoga for 13 years. She opened her yoga center in Brazil, spent three years in an ashram in India. Today is the teacher of VedaVita Yoga Art Studio in Rome.
Barbara Baldaccini (Italy)
"I strive to teach love and self-esteem from an early age," says Barbara, a member of AIYB, the Italian National Association of Children's Yoga. And as a therapist of the dance movement, it helps people with limited physical and mental abilities. Prepares a training program in Europe, in which they will unite their love for yoga, dance, pantomime and theater.
Dhananjaya (Italy)
Naturopath, a teacher of yoga and martial arts, co-founder of VedaVita Yoga Art Studio and Atma Yoga Center in Rome. It combines practical and spiritual knowledge of India with the principles of Taoism and Chinese medicine. At the festival will also demonstrate the ancient martial art of the Sikhs - Gatke.
The VIII International Festival VEDALIFE-2018 is dedicated to the world inside and around us. "The best for VEDALIFE are people who come from all over the Earth to carry good, love and light here in Ukraine," the organizers are sure.
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