In Kiev, finally started a two-day rock festival U-Park!
Legendary "peppers" in Kiev: how it was
In Kiev, finally started a two-day rock festival U-Park
Ukrainian music fans could hardly wait for this day: start a rock festival with headliners, which over the years are the icons of the world of rock. And the equator of the working week Americans delineated performance Red Hot Chili Peppers. "Peppers" have no age or geographical restrictions: they can easily gather stadiums and paying no attention to the low-quality sound (alas, it was so in the Kiev stadium) rip audience.
This is the second, but not less than the expected visit "RHCHP". This year, fans of the rockers even invented several flash mobs. For example, during the first song Can not stop, under which comes out to the ring of boxing legend Ukrainian Klitschko, soared into the sky a lot of red balls. After that, the Ukrainians welcomed artists illuminated yellow and blue. One part of the funky glowing yellow lights, the other - blue. Stars meet fans mutual love and bathed them in the good old hits. Here are just at the beginning of the sound performances of legends lost several times. In addition, slightly pumped rainy weather and a lack of storage facilities.
It is impossible not to remember and our Ukrainian star, who warmed up the already excited crowd. Thus, the discovery of the Ukrainian variety art - The Hardkiss gathered a lot of applause and, traditionally staged an incredible show.
Well, how to pass the second day of the festival, the "nail" which should be the Muse is a group, you will be able to learn in the news CityCard.

Author: Инна Погрибная

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