The beginning of the annual festival French spring

The beginning of the annual festival French spring

April 4, waiting for all residents and guests of the capital at Sophia square in Kiev
April 4 at the Sofia square will open the long-awaited annual festival - French spring 2015. Officially, the festival will begin with a stunning light show presentation. On the walls of the Cathedral of St. Sophia will break out bright 3D-translation, the inspiration for the creation of which will serve the landmark manifesto titled "I Have a Dream" of Martin Luther King Jr. Almost half an hour visitors can watch the moving light mosaic dedicated to the ideas of Freedom, Dignity and Hero spirit.
French Spring will last for almost a month, during which you will see a lot of cult plays and masterpieces of cinema, meet with French writers, visit an exhibition of photographs and hear a pep indie band Archimede.

Waiting for everyone at the 12th French Spring in Kiev!

Place: St. Sofia's Square.
Date and time:20:30 and 21:30, 04.04.2015
Enter: Free

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