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    A New Year fairytale in the Kievan Rus Park

    A New Year fairytale in the Kievan Rus Park

    16.12.2016 - 08.01.2017

    Real New Year mystery

    A real New Year mystery will open out in the Kievan Rus Park before and during the  New Year and Christmas holidays.
    Fr om December,  17 2016 till January, 9 2017 the
    characters will replace one  another  according  to  the  feast theme. And on January, 8 and 9 the New Year celebrations will terminate with the closing of the Residence of the Father Frost after what on January, 14 and 15 Ancient Kiev will celebrate the old New Year and on January, 19 - The baptism of Jesus.
    Everyday beginning from December, 17 till January, 9  (except Mondays) in the Kievan  Rus  Park the «New  Year  story» program  for  children  and  adults will take place.
    You are awaited by a real festive mood, sledges drawn by horses, hot dishes, cooked on fire, drinks and mulled wine, winter  games  and  a  New  Year authorial performance.
    On the main tilting - yard a theatrical act will take
    place wh ere not only the actors but also the Park guests will participate in.
    The Ancient Kiev theatre has prepared a new staging «A King having fun», that will be interesting not only for children but also for adults.
    On Christmas, January, 7 the fairy tale guests will play a real Nativity scene: Mother Mary with the saint baby, shepherds, medieval magicians and, of course, – the fight between good and evil and the victory of good at the end.
    During this period in the Kievan  Rus  Park the  Main  Residence  of  Father  Frost will be working.


    The guests will have a possibility to put a letter into a magic wish box and organize a bright photo shoot with the fairy tale characters in memorial.
    Also you will have an opportunity to entertain yourself by riding horses and in the carriages or in a sleigh, by shooting a bow in a medieval shooting range, to dress into  the  habitants  of  Ancient  Kiev  by  putting  on  the  costumes  from  the  historical costume  room. Also there  will  be  a lovely prizes drawing for the Kievan  Rus Park
    And of course you will have a possibility to taste delicious dishes from the princely cooks in the "Happy Varangian" tavern  and in the food points outside.
    And even stay for the night in a hotel - like house
    "4 rooms", which is situated in 5 minutes from the Detinetz of Kiev.
    And for maximal New Year celebration enjoyment in Ancient Kiev come on December, 31 2016 on 20:00 for the New Year night.
    A grandiose action and a merry program, fireworks
    and fiery dancings won’t leave anybody indifferent!
    Come with children! Give them unforgettable emotions, the feeling of real holiday!
    Main program events:
    December,17-18 2016 - "The New Year fairytale" program. The opening of the Residence of Father Frost.
    December, 19 2016 - Saint Nicholas Day.
    December, 20-23 2016 - The "New Year fairytale" program.
    December, 24-25 2016 - The "New Year fairytale" program. (Saturday and Sunday)
    December, 26-30 2016 - The "New Year fairytale" program.
    From the night on December, 31 2016 from 20:00
    to January, 1 2017 – New Year`s Eve in Ancient Kyiv.
    January, 1 2017 - The "New Year fairytale" program.
    January,2-6  2017 – Christmas holidays in Ancient Kyiv. The "New Year fairytale" program.
    January, 7 2017 - Christmas in Ancient Kyiv.
    January,8-9 2017 - The "New Year fairytale" program. The closing of the Residence of the Father Frost.
    January, 14-15 2017 – Old New Year.
    January,19 2017 - The baptism of Jesus.

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