Ostrov Festival 2017 in Kyiv

Ostrov Festival 2017 in Kyiv

On the beach near the water

The largest electronic festival in Ukraine

Well, why spend extra money and go to noisy events somewhere abroad, if in the native Kiev there are such grandiose open-airs that the emotion meter is simply torn to bits and pieces! Especially since such a festival as Ostrov is held on the beach near the water, so, having connected fantasy and a couple of cocktails, you can quite feel yourself somewhere on the most fashionable beach of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea!


The largest Ukrainian electronic festival Ostrov will be held in the fifth, anniversary time. Work on the mistakes was made and this summer the organizers promise something incredible. This weekend the mood will be created by the sculptors of electronic music Ben Klock, Rodhad, KiNK, Mano Le Tough, HVOB, Hito, Baikal, Sonja Moonear, Etapp Kyle, Joss, Anton Kubikov and others.

Price: 540 - 1190 UAH
When: June 30
Where: Trukhanov Island

Author: Погрибная Инна
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