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    The first city-wide picnic Kiev Sunday Breakfast

    The first city-wide picnic Kiev Sunday Breakfast

    In the capital of Ukraine long-awaited spring has come, and it means that the warmth and time of picnics are begin. That is why for 24 May Kiev Sunday Breakfast begins.It is the first city-wide picnic, the purpose of which organizers put familiarity with the culture of different countries breakfast. The festival will feature the best deals first meal: here you can feel the atmosphere of Italy, France, China, England and even Brazil. Be sure - morning snacks can find even the most fastidious guest.
    Even if you are not accustomed to breakfast entirely or just snack on the run, feel free to go to Kiev Sunday Breakfast at the Mariinsky park. Nutritionists say that people who do not neglect breakfast, are more active throughout the day, and the food ingested in the morning, is absorbed best. This means that, if in the morning to eat a muffin or your favorite chocolate, extra weight does not threaten you.
    And, of course, after breakfast you will find entertainment with nice music, fun games and even yoga. Note that for the youngest visitors will be equipped with a special children's area, as well as provides useful options and light breakfast for the kids.
    Location: Mariinsky park, summer theater

    Source: Здоро-ВО
    Author: Елизавета Страздина

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